One little robot... on one BIG adventure!

A mysterious factory outfitted with spiky ceilings, hidden passages, and deadly cogs… that’s a lot for the average robot, but not for C.A.R.L.!

Help him uncover the sinister secrets of Kent Industries in this 2D puzzle adventure from the developers behind Battlepillars and A Robot Named Fight.

Classic 2D Platformer Gameplay

Hop, skip, and jump your way through challenging gauntlets of platforming perfection!

Tons of Secrets and Hidden Collectibles

Backtrack to completed levels with new abilities to find secret areas and discover optional upgrades!

Charming Narrative and Characters

Meet the residents of the D.U.M.P. and lean on them to help you on your quest!

Original 'Electro-Chiptune' Soundtrack

8-bit and DOS-era soundchip-inspired tracks will join you for every step of C.A.R.L.'s journey.

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Available Now on PC and consoles!